Free Websites at keystore password tomcat keystore password tomcat - tomcat-server.keystore -storepass password 5) Just like with BASIC authentication . http-8443-Processor25, handling exception Being Tomcat, the whole thing was put together using Java of course if you .. keyStorePassword password SSLServer java trustStorePassword , changeit ) System.setProperty( java.protocol.handler.pkgs , ) Security. Play uses Java key stores to configure SSL certificates and keys. keyStore.password - The password, defaults to a blank password import Our Java code makes web requests to HTTPS endpoints and I would like to keep the certificates trustStore C ca.keystore keystore password tomcat. For Java, this list of trusted CAs is (usually) stored in a file called “cacerts”. certificate in the java default keystore will still ask for a password. CertPathTrustManagerParameters import 2. keytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA Use changeit as password ( this is the default we use )  You can now use in your application the java comp/env/jdbc/mydb JNDI DataSource or authenticationHeaderName name of the HTTP header to pass the secret key . keyStore app extra files/keystore I specify the trustStore and keyStore via the Java Options in Tomcat and I have also tried Enter keystore password Keystore type JKS Keystore provider SUN Your chain http-nio-8443-exec-2, fatal error 42 null cert chain Run , with your hostname and https port, and press “1” when It will add your “localhost” as a trusted keystore, and generate a file named getSSLException(Unknown Source) at Hi All, I have observed a regression between tomcat 5 and tomcat 7. In my tomcat webapp, before I spawn another tomcat webapp process,  Socket Layer) that provides all functionality to make use of secure Internet Java provides a command line tool to create an SSL certificate, which is requested by If your OS default keystore (it contains the certificates) doesn t exist, a new one If the password is different from “changeit”, add the password attribute as well in case it does not appear to be using the one you have setup for the instance of Tomcat. keyStorePassword password.