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formula for resistance in a series circuit

The “1 etc.” means that the formula can be resistance. 5-7 Use your knowledge of series-circuit and The total resistance in a series circuit is equal to the sum  First, find the total resistance by adding up all the resistors. 8 4 12 Ohms. Remember that series circuits have only one current, but many voltage drops,  You don t really need to refer to the diagram in order to solve this problem. The total resistance in a circuit with two or more resistors in series is equal to the 

formula for resistance in a series circuit. Series-PARALLEL CIRCUIT 2 SOLUTION R1 and R2 can be added to get the total resistance in that branch (we will call it R1 2). go back to the original circuit and solve for V1 and V2. In parallel circuits, all resistors, regardless of their resistances, experience the In a series circuit, adding more resistors increases total resistance and thus  Here, use one of the three parallel resistance formulas listed in the Wire Kit section above. Once these are determined, all equivalent resistances are in series,  The total resistance in a series circuit is equal to the sum of all the parts of that circuit, multiply the current by the total resistance as shown in equation (2-5). how do we calculate the combined or total circuit resistance, currents and single equivalent resistor value of R(combination) using the formula for two parallel  Consider a simple circuit in which a battery of emf {cal E} (since the load resistance is in series with the internal resistance), so the current flowing in the 

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